Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP)

Owner: DFW Airport
Location: DFW Airport, TX
Services Provided: Project Engineering
Project Cost: $1.9B
Completion Date:
Contracted Responsibility:

DFW International Airport, in 2010, launched the first major construction phase of its $1.9 billion Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP), a seven-year renovation of the Airport’s four original terminals which originally opened with DFW in 1974. Construction “Phase 1-B” of the TRIP project began May11, 2011 in Terminal A, with Gates A9 through A11 going behind a construction wall to begin renewal, along with one of the three parking garages in Terminal A. TRIP was designed to extensively improve DFW travel experience with enhancements to Terminals A, B, and E and related parking garages. TRIP focused on extending the life of the terminals by replacing infrastructure making it more efficient to park, check through security and locating luggage. The plan incorporated new self-service technologies, enhanced the concessions where travelers eat and shop. Dikita served as project engineer and was responsible for providing planning input for in-lane construction work, traffic control, construction sequence/schedule and booth locations. Dikita also approved design deliverables, plans, estimates and specifications submitted by the design consultant.