DART Customer Satisfaction Survey

Owner: DART
Location: Dallas, TX
Services Provided: Data Collection
Project Cost:
Completion Date:
Contracted Responsibility:

This Dikita Management Services (DMS) project aimed to collect 6,000 valid and complete surveys from DART passengers on selected bus and rail routes across the service area. The service area included both southern and northern stations service by DART. DMS was responsible for developing the initial sampling plan and sampling methodology creating/scheduling assignments accordingly and distribute collection and data quality. We also Developed and implemented strategic plans, initiatives, and devised the budgeting plan for the project. The coordination of all training for the survey staff and contracting a local staffing agency to assist with customer satisfaction survey for the duration of project was handled by DMS. There were weekly meetings with field supervisors for progress with responsiveness from customers at participating locations. Our QA team reviewed each survey collected for completeness and accuracy for appropriate allocation of routes.