Data Collection

Owner: DART
Location: Dallas, TX
Services Provided: Market, Service
Project Cost:
Completion Date: Ongoing
Contracted Responsibility: Prime

Since 1991, DMS has served as the primary data collection firm for DART, collecting data daily onboard buses and trains, including locations such as train platforms, parking lots, transit stations, and bus stops. DMS collects boarding and alighting data, NTD performs corridor surveys, parking lot counts, transit station license plate OD studies, fare evasion studies, origin-destination surveys, as well as many other data types and methodologies. DART has issued hundreds of task orders over the life of the relationship, which has spanned for over 26 years and five 5-year contracts. Dikita develops and utilizes technology when it is appropriate and has made a huge investment in software and hardware. It also maintains a staff of 15 qualified surveyors and four supervisors, two data analysts and two project managers.