JeT Transit Onboard Transfer Study

Owner: RTA and Jefferson Parish Transit (JeT)
Location: New Orleans, LA
Services Provided: Data Collection, Questionnaire Design
Project Cost:
Completion Date: September 2017
Contracted Responsibility: Sub

New Orleans RTA is interested in developing a regional fare to encompass both RTA and Jefferson Parish Transit (JeT). Thru the prime consultant, Connetics Transportation Group, Dikita was responsible for collecting 1500 (onboard and on-to-off) surveys on selected routes to determine the feasibility of a regional fare. Tasks included design/programming both the onboard survey questionnaire and the tablet software and on-to-off counting software and instruments. Dikita developed sampling plan, designed the questionnaire, recruited and trained the survey staff, provided field supervision with seasoned staff, technological support, monitored the fulfillment of the sampling plan, and provided analysis/reporting of the survey results to its client. Dikita collected all data using tablets and handheld devices with GPS tracking and cellular-provided service to the internet.