Las Colinas Urban Center Area Personal Transit (APT) Alternatives Analysis and Environmental Analysis

Owner: Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District
Location: Las Colinas, TX
Services Provided: Boarding and Alighting / Origin and Destination Survey Design
Project Cost: $178K
Completion Date: June 2009
Contracted Responsibility: Sub

Dikita Management Services (DMS) planned all the surveys conducted to support the development of a travel demand model for use in the Alternatives Analysis and Environmental Analysis. DMS worked with the residential complexes, employers, and hotels to come up with innovative ways of reaching the riders and non-riders of transit systems. The project included surveys of employees and residents in the Las Colinas Urban Center, boarding and alighting surveys of the APT system and two DART routes serving Las Colinas, and a survey of visitors in three hotels. DMS also conducted an origin and destination (O/D) survey of bus riders on the two DART routes using paper surveys. The employee and residential surveys were web-based surveys. The boarding and alighting surveys and the hotel surveys were intercept surveys using handheld computers.