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Dikita Management Services (DMS) is a premier market research and data collection division offering unique expertise in the execution and management of data collection for transit agencies for over three decades. We have worked with many industry giants and have cultivated great resources and relationships along the way. In addition to consulting with transit agencies across the United States, DMS has been privileged to serve as the on-call data collection firm for DART since 1991.

Services include collecting data onboard buses, trains, platforms, transit stations, and bus stops. DMS collects boarding and alighting data to validate APCs, perform customer satisfaction surveys, mobility on demand surveys, transit stations license plate recordings, Origin-Destination surveys, as well as many other data collections services for quality assessment.

DMS is uniquely qualified with our experience in a multitude of data collection methodologies — from NTD and APC validation to OD intercepts and customer satisfaction surveys. We have evolved with the industry, incorporating technology and mobile applications to make the collection easier and less expensive. We have developed modern applications, developed and maintained a superb data management system, cultivated long-term staff, and developed subject matter expert managers.

DMS’s mission is to provide transit agencies with primary data about their routes, ridership, customers travel patterns, needs, and preferences. These services inform and contribute to bus and rail planning processes, marketing decisions, FTA and Title VI requirements, and public involvement and communication efforts.

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Gary Thomas

John Proctor

Steve Knobbe

Dr. Lew Blackburn

Wayne Warren

Steven Mason

I appreciate the opportunity to be engaged in the delivery of a large project for a long term repeat Client.


I am blessed at the type of work I get to do and the diversity of people I get to work with.


What I enjoy is working for a company that is highly involved in the mass transit industry.


My reason for enjoying working for Dikita Enterprises is summed up in two words, family oriented. I’ve always been treated like a family member, not an employee.


I started this company in 1979 by hocking my car. I took a loan out for 90 days, paid it back on the 89th day. Make a promise, Keep your promise. We have survived because of our integrity & ethical practices.

Lucious Williams Founder

The best thing about working for Dikita is I am able to grow in my career, learn new things about the construction field. I feel there are no limits as to what I am capable of because growth is important to Dikita.


I enjoy working here because there is caring and good communication among all.


I have been working for Dikita for nearly two decades during which time I have enjoyed and appreciated the granted challenges, opportunities, and career growth. Thanks, Dikita, for all the support! 


I’ve learned so much while working at Dikita. Eve is knowledgeable and challenges you to want to become more knowledgeable as well. 


Dikita is a family within a family that always cares about your professional development. The fact that the company cared enough to invest in my future, inspired me to invest in myself. 


I highly recommend Dikita to provide any facet of transportation corridor planning, transit studies, civil design, or rail construction.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

Under Dikita’s direction, many of our existing facilities were renovated and expanded to accommodate student growth.  They are an experienced team.

Cedar Hill Independent School District

“Every bond program Walter Dansby has managed came in on time and under budget because of his meticulous detail and tireless work.  No one knew our schools better and could have delivered better results than Walter.” 

Teacher’s Union

“Dikita is always proactive”… “they are knowledgeable of the transit industry”… “Dikita developed innovative solutions to solve complex problems.”

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

…the Board of Trustees selected Dikita Engineering to serve as our Bond Program Manager. To date, we couldn’t be more pleased than we have been with the firm. Their services have been invaluable and without them, I do not believe we would have experienced the success we have enjoyed.

Cedar Hill Independent School District.

Dikita is one company that I would highly recommend because of their commitment and their dedication to completing the job the right was the first time.

Dallas Independent School District

…staff is highly qualified and has shown a true dedication to our economic development of Port Arthur.

If you are looking for a staff that can understand, articulate and further your endeavors, I highly recommend this company.

City of Port Arthur, Texas