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David W. Carter High School

David W. Carter High School is among the educational institutions in the $1.6B 2015 DISD Bond Program. We provided program management services, which encompassed a wide range of improvements.

Additions were made to the fine arts area and competition gym, including the construction of a storm shelter. A partial roof replacement was done to enhance the building’s structural integrity. Upgrades were made to select HVAC systems and all building windows to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

A comprehensive revamp of the school’s interior was undertaken, including full renovations of facilities such as the athletic areas, locker rooms, and science labs. The auditorium, library, classrooms, and corridors were also renovated with new finishes, while security systems, public address systems, and fire alarm systems were upgraded throughout the school.

This project was under construction while the school was in operation. Despite construction activities underway, Dikita managed to ensure that students and staff could safely and securely access necessary parts of the school.

Owner: Dallas Independent School District
Location: Dallas, TX
Services Provided: Program Management
Project Cost: $56M
Completion Date: June 2020
Contracted Responsibility: Prime