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Transit Market Research

Dikita Management Services (DMS) is a premier market research and data collection division offering unique expertise in the execution and management of data collection for transit agencies. We have worked with many industry giants and have cultivated great resources and relationships along the way. In addition to consulting with transit agencies across the United States, DMS has been privileged to serve as the on-call data collection firm for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) since 1991.

DMS’s mission is to provide transit agencies with primary data about their routes, ridership, customers travel patterns, needs, and preferences. These services inform and contribute to bus and rail planning processes, marketing decisions, FTA and Title VI requirements, as well as public involvement and communication efforts.

DMS is uniquely qualified in a multitude of data collection methodologies. Services include collecting data onboard buses, trains, platforms, transit stations, and bus stops. DMS collects boarding and alighting data to validate APCs, performs customer satisfaction surveys, mobility on demand surveys, transit station license plate recording, origin-destination surveys, and a host of other data collections services for quality assessments.

We have evolved with the industry, incorporating technology and mobile applications to make data collection easier and less expensive for our clients. Our commitment to timely and accurate data drove us to create a proprietary modern software application which offers near real time validation of field data collection and reduces the need for printed surveys.  We have also developed and maintained a superb data management system and have a staff of subject matter experts to ensure your next data collection project is exemplary. 

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