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DART Bus Customer Experience Survey

In December 2023, Dikita was selected by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) to design and execute a Bus Customer Experience Survey for riders, employees, and advisory groups. The purpose of the survey is to identify needs, prioritize enhancements, and improve the bus riding journey through a comprehensive analysis of each group’s experiences. The information gathered through this project will help determine the design specifications with the most positive rider impact in DARTs next bus procurement. To achieve this, Dikita will engage in interviews with bus manufacturers and industry experts to identify trends, available amenities, innovative technologies, and other crucial vehicle components. By doing so, we will ensure that the data gathered provides DART with a better understanding of the needs and preferences of both external and internal customers as well as existing and future riders.

Owner: Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
Location: Dallas, TX
Services Provided: Data Collection
Project Cost: $185K
Completion Date: Ongoing
Contracted Responsibility: Prime