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RGV 2020-2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

The scope of this project involved contributing to the development of a 2020-2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update for the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) area. Dikita Management Services (DMS), under a contract with RGVMPO, was engaged to perform two surveys on weekday trips for the agencies within the RGVMPO purview.

Planning the survey posed a unique challenge due to the involvement of six different agencies and the extensive service area they covered. To tackle this, Dikita employed a strategic approach by manually programming routes, trips, and bus stops into our software application. This meticulous process ensured accurate and efficient data collection throughout the diverse service area.

DMS programmed the survey instruments needed to complete the project. The passenger counts were recorded with a simple mobile application created; however, the origin-destination survey was conducted multiple ways.  Personal interviews were either conducted via tablet or via paper surveys, and a self-administered web survey was utilized as well. 

DMS was responsible for creating the sampling plan, recruiting, training and supervising data collection staff during field collection, as well as processing, cleaning, and geocoding the data after collection.

Owner: Rio Grande Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (RGVMPO)
Location: Lower Rio Grande Valley, TX
Services Provided: Onboard Origin-Destination Survey
Passenger Counts
Project Cost: $200K
Completion Date: August 2020
Contracted Responsibility: Sub