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The Mesa Paving and Water Distribution Improvements

Dikita was entrusted with a comprehensive range of services, including planning, value engineering, engineering design, PS&E production, bid-phase services, and construction oversight.

In the City of Glenn Heights, Dikita conducted a thorough assessment of 3 miles of existing asphalt pavements and 3 miles of the water distribution system. Working closely with our client, we presented a variety of options, complete with associated costs, and engaged in a collaborative discussion to determine the most cost-effective and efficient infrastructure improvement approach.

Our team successfully delivered:

  • PS&E for the roadway reconstruction, utilizing full-depth reclamation (Pulvermix) for the road base and HMAC surface paving, while carefully preserving the existing concrete curb and gutter
  • Replacement and upsizing of the water distribution system through a combination of pipe bursting and open-cut methods
  • Remediation of stormwater ponding issues in various locations beyond the project limits
  • Full bid-phase services

Thanks to our diligent efforts, Dikita managed to save the client over one million dollars in construction costs compared to their initial estimate.

Owner: City of Glenn Heights
Location: Glenn Heights, Texas
Services Provided: Planning, Design, PS&E production, Construction oversight, Construction quality inspections, and Material testing
Project Cost: $2.5M
Completion Date: August 2022
Contracted Responsibility: Prime