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City of Dallas Street Reconstruction Group Project (2017 Bond Program)

The City of Dallas Street Reconstruction Group Project (2017 Bond Program) includes the following streets:

  • Hay Street (from Ring St to End of Pavement)
  • Murray Street (from Canton Street to Main Street)
  • N Walton Street (from Elm Street to DART’s Light Rail Right-of-way line)
  • S Patton Avenue (from East Jefferson Boulevard to 10th Street)

Dikita provided comprehensive engineering design services for the reconstruction of the four commercial streets under a single contract. Dikita served as the project manager and engineer while engaging minority subconsultants providing surveying and geotechnical services. Dikita performed engineering design for paving reconstruction, drainage improvements, water and wastewater main replacement, erosion control, as well as utility coordination and mapping.

Due to the lack of sufficient record drawings and information in the related older part of the city, Dikita implemented additional field reconnaissance and surveying efforts to ensure a reliable design base and hence, created a quality set of construction plans aimed at eliminating or minimizing potential construction change orders. Among other challenges were bringing ADA non-conforming access facilities into compliance within a very tight right-of-way and existing old buildings.

Owner: City of Dallas
Location: Dallas, TX
Services Provided: Project Management
Project Cost: $1.4M
Completion Date: June 2021
Contracted Responsibility: Prime