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TxDOT, Southern Gateway

Dikita is provided construction inspection services on the Southern Gateway project, a $666 million design-build construction project by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), aimed to rebuild and widen Intersate35E (I-35E) south of downtown Dallas, as well as widen U.S 67 between I-35E and I-20 and the I-35E/U.S 67 split. Dikita services include Inspection of reinforcing steel for drill shafts, columns, bent caps, bearing seats and abutments, pre-cast concrete panels prior to acceptance and concrete girders prior to acceptance, inspection of bridge deck reinforcement, forms and PMD, document installation of illumination lamps and electrical conduit, inspection and documentation of large & small sign placement, inspection and documentation of large of Highmast Illumination poles, inspection and documentation of installation of Jack & Bore RCP pipe operations. Also, observation and documentation of overnight single or multiple road closures for various highways, various on- ramps and roads closures leading to highways and ramps, and observation and documentation of overnight bridge deck placements.

Owner: TXDOT
Location: Dallas, TX
Services Provided: Construction Inspection
Project Cost: $666M
Completion Date: 2022
Contracted Responsibility: Sub