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Super Light Rail Vehicle Inspection

Dikita provided complete vehicle inspection services for the overseas manufacture (in Osaka, Japan) and domestic assembly (in Dallas, Texas) of Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) and Super Light Rail Vehicles (SLRVs). As the sole provider of these services to DART, Dikita was responsible for the assembly monitoring, testing, and inspection of the entire 115-car light rail fleet, since the inception of DART’s light rail vehicle system in 1994 with the initial order of 40 cars. 

DART’s complete 115-car LRV fleet was retrofitted to include a low-entry, wheelchair-accessible C car in between the existing A and B cars. The introduction of the new C car retrofit updated DART’s LRV to SLRV status, increased rider capacity from 72 to 94 passengers, and brought DART’s fleet into full ADA compliance. After retrofit, each SLRV was fully inspected and subjected to 30 tests for functionality and safety, including controls, electrical and mechanical systems, brakes, lights, doors, and communication systems.

DART added 48 new vehicles, eventually bringing its total fleet to 163 SLRVs. Dikita performed vehicle inspection services for the assembly, testing, and inspection of these new cars.  Dikita provided oversight for the complete assembly process of the LRV and the addition of the ADA-compliant C car to upgrade each new car to SLRV status. After assembly, the new SLRV cars underwent a week-long testing and inspection process involving 60 tests for safety and functionality where every component was checked, including wiring, lightbulbs, waterproofing, undercar equipment, and air conditioning. After passing this rigorous testing and inspection process, Dikita turned the cars over to DART for a final inspection, involving a three-week “burn-in” in which each inspector-occupied car traveled several thousand miles before entering revenue service.

Owner: Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
Location: Dallas, TX
Services Provided: Vehicle inspection
Project Cost: $790M
Completion Date: 2010
Contracted Responsibility: Prime