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2023-2027 City of Montgomery Transit Development Plan Update

The City of Montgomery was preparing a Transit Development Plan (TDP) update for The M Transit System using the framework from the 2017‐2021 TDP and other relevant transit studies to identify, evaluate, and make recommendations to maintain, improve, and potentially expand transit services in Montgomery, Alabama.  

Dikita participated in the onboard passenger survey portion of this project, which included both a 100% ridecheck of all 338 weekday and Saturday trips, as well as an onboard origin-destination survey of approximately 300 passengers.

Dikita was responsible for developing both the ridecheck forms and electronic onboard survey instruments. Dikita also hired/trained the survey staff, provided field supervision and technological support, monitored the fulfillment of the sampling plan, and provided analysis/reporting of the survey results.

Owner: City of Montgomery, M-Transit
Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Services Provided: Passenger Counts
Onboard Origin-Destination Survey
Project Cost: $50K
Completion Date: December 2022
Contracted Responsibility: Sub