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DART Data Collection

Dikita Management Services (DMS) has been an integral part of Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s data collection efforts continuously since 1991. DMS has completed numerous task orders across various locations and data types. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Origin-destination surveys: DMS creates and conducts both paper and digital surveys to determine the starting and ending points of passenger journeys, aiding in route optimization and demand forecasting.
  • Boarding and alighting data: DMS collects daily data onboard buses and trains, capturing information on passenger transfers.
  • Corridor surveys: Our team conducts surveys along designated transit corridors to gather crucial data for analysis and planning purposes.
  • Parking lot counts: We accurately count vehicle occupancy in DART parking lots, providing valuable insights into parking demand.
  • Passenger counts: We meticulously perform manual counts of passengers entering and exiting the transit vehicles. These manual counts serve as a crucial validation process to ensure the accuracy of DART’s machine counts.
  • Fare evasion studies: We identify instances of fare evasion on DART vehicles, helping ensure fair ticketing practices.

To support our data collection efforts, Dikita has heavily invested in software and hardware technologies. Additionally, our dedicated team includes qualified surveyors/interviewer supervisors, data analysts, and project managers, ensuring the highest quality deliverables and analysis. By combining innovative technology, a skilled workforce, and an extensive range of services, Dikita Management Services continues to be the go-to partner for DART’s comprehensive data collection needs.

Owner: Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
Location: Dallas, TX
Services Provided: Data Collection Services
Project Cost: Ongoing
Completion Date: 1991 to present
Contracted Responsibility: Prime